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Lynn Crain realized at an early age she wanted to write. She took the long way to that goal by doing a variety of things like nursing, geologist, technical writer and computer manager. She is currently getting her Ph.D. in natural medicine with an emphasis on historical medicine and is still utterly fascinated with all things medical. During her free time she weaves fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales as well as erotic stories from sensual to erotic for various publishers. She lives in the very hot southwest with her husband, son, one dog, three cats and three snakes. She is a past board member of the Romance Writers of America, past EPPIEs Chair for EPIC and immediate past EPIC President. She loves hearing from her readers at
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Madison Bergman goes to the only home she’s known to recover from the death of her beloved uncle, Jonas Blackhorse. It is her hope that she be allowed to keep their summer cabin but since she doesn’t have a drop of Native American blood i...
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The Summer Cabin
After receiving a heartfelt letter from a little girl, Santa realizes he is no longer relevant in the world of humans. Apparently, they have too many problems for a good dose of Christmas joy to cure. Santa believes the world no longer needs him or C...
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Santa's Miraculous Christmas
  In a time where magic is shunned, Oma and Cayden must defend the world from an ancient evil, which tries to destroy all.           Oma Weir is a hermit of her own making. When her husband...
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The Taking of an Apprentice
Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession path to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this path, choos...
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The Harvester
Lacey Sinclair wants to be a doctor but life and circumstance has made that path impossible. Given the chance at the job of a lifetime and the promise of enough money to see her through med school, she is hesitant. Something draws her to one certain ...
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An Elf's Magic
What can a elven sex therapist do with an oversexed, untrained elf? Bed her of course. But when Fearghus Brodie comes to the new country to meet the subject of the elven council’s mandated training, he wasn’t prepared to find young and...
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An Elf's Desire
Cordelia Sinclair has been on the inside for more years than she can remember, keeping secrets better than anybody. But at forty-two, she sometimes feels like a dried up old prune when it comes to love. Her mate died in a Beta raid, and even though t...
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Blue Moon Magic 4: Night of the Blue Moon
Every woman holds deep inside her a dark fantasy. Some dream of forced sex, some dream of being tied up, others dream of being swept away to a place from which she can’t escape, some dream of places and times in the past and others still dream ...
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Captive Illusions

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