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Lynne St. James

Lynne St. James lives in the mostly sunny state of Florida with her husband, two dogs and two cats.  She works in the Internet Technology industry and loves to escape to the worlds of her creation.  When she’s not working, she’s writing, reading, taking pictures and sometimes cooking.

If Lynne had her way she’d travel all over the world and set a new book in each place she visited.  Maybe someday!

Addicted to coffee, when she's not at her desk, she's impatiently waiting for her Keurig to dispense the next cup.

Lynne has three books in the Vampires of Eternity Series published with Siren-Bookstrand.  The Anamchara series published by JK Publishing has two books out now, and coming in August is the first in a series of Rocker Romances.

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Current Releases
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF In book one of Raining Chaos: From foster care to the Garden, Raining Chaos makes their debut. They learn fame and fortune come...
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Taming Chaos
In book two of Anamchara: Kristy Larson was sent to Anamchara on a secret mission—locate the ancient evil threatening the town and extinguish it. She struggles with fitting in while the sheriff hounds her at every turn. To make matters worse, s...
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Embracing Her Surrender
Ménage – MFM. In book one of Anamchara: Hope Brooks receives a certified letter that could possibly change everything she has worked hard for her whole adult life. Jason “Jase” Pierce and Cooper Maxwell, III are best friends ...
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Embracing Her Desires
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Selena Blake’s life has gotten a lot more complicated since reuniting with Bree, her childhood friend. Diagnosed with lupus and told she only has a few months to live, she is focused on only one thing—to help Bree save her father. Max ...
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Twice Bitten and Bewitched
Brianna McKenzie worked hard to hide her past, but when she comes face-to-face with the gypsy at the opening of Eternity, her world turns upside down. Rafael Verratti and Lucian Carpino felt the connection as soon as they met Bree. But they know that...
Available Now!
Twice Bitten to Paradise
Gwendolyn Harris has no idea what she is getting involved in when Sebastian Ashford and Christian St. John hire her event planning company, An Affair to Remember, for the grand opening of their new club. For the last few years Gwen has done nothin...
Available Now!
Twice Bitten Not Shy

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