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(This is Aphrodite of Melos.  Lyra doesn't look like this.  She has arms and usually wears a shirt.  But if she did look like this, she would probably go topless a lot more often.)

When Lyra Marlowe was six years old, her book “Spring is …” was selected for reading at the Young Authors Conference.  She’s been writing ever since.   

From conspiring with her best friend on a young adult novel as a teen, to plays written and performed in college – a great way to hook an actor boyfriend, by the way – to poems, newsletter articles, and even a short story about a head in a box, Lyra tried almost everything.  Then her husband (the former actor boyfriend) suggested that for Christmas they write erotic short stories for each other, and she was hooked.  “Thirteen Silver Moons”  is her first full-length erotic romance.

Lyra has lived on the shores of Lake Erie all her life, but dreams of a land where it never snows.  She and her husband have three children – a teen, a ‘tween, and a pre-schooler – plus two insolent cats and a neurotic beagle.  They share a 110-year old Victorian home with a gentle grandmother ghost who loves babies but hates  painted woodwork and the color purple.
Current Releases
Nolan and John are paramedics, partners, best friends—and complete opposites. Nolan is a true romantic with a broken heart, and he’s gay. John is straight, a relationship-dodging cocksman who’s growing bored with casual sex. But ...
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Girl Next Door
Young, pretty, and sexually inexperienced, Joy yearns to know true passion. The prim and proper Ladies who have raised her in their orphanage say that sex is dirty, men are disgusting, and elves are the most sinful creatures in the world. But Joy is ...
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Thirteen Silver Moons
Dream by the Fire is an anthology of sweet-to-tangy romantic stories with winter and the winter holidays as their central theme.
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Dream by the Fire: Winter Magic

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Thirteen Silver Moons

Solstice Night

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