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Caught between two worlds—what’s a merman to do? The Deep Blue Sea, #2 Marcus Krill, a creature of the sea, is a perfectly content bachelor. Mating someone? No thank you. Living anywhere but in the ocean? Ha! Not happening. Spending...
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Riding the Tide
When neither choice is acceptable, then what? To save his jamboree from obliteration, Omega Cade Decker is forced into a match with the powerful but merciless Grady Williams. While he may be attracted to the big, bad Alpha, and Grady will protect ...
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Paws and Claws
When you wish upon a star… it comes true in ways you never expected. Make A Wish, Book 2 Things have gone downhill since Sheriff Bryan Coltrane got involved in the FBI’s investigation of a recent UFO crash. Not only is a homophobic...
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Nighttime Promises
When you wish upon a star… it comes true in ways you never expected.   Make A Wish, Book 1   Ziang, a tentacled warrior from the planet Maz’Rar, has come to Earth to claim his most precious prize and start a new lif...
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Nighttime Wishes
Not all romances are sweet and fluffy. Pounding music and writhing bodies fill the dance floor at Night Moves. A small, very elite group of friends called The Bad Boys Club use the place as their personal hunting grounds. Spoilt, powerful, and tot...
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Bad Boys Club (Box Set)
To celebrate his decision to take the next step with his boyfriend Ian, Toshi Baylor plans a romantic evening at their favorite steak house. Toshi starts the special weekend with a bang by surprising Ian at home with lunch. There’s a bang all r...
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Wrapped in Leather
One moment in time can change your life, especially a life that revolves around your face. A near-fatal car accident leaves a world famous model's face scarred and his career in a tailspin. The life Ashley knew is over and he wants to do nothi...
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Faded Love
  A cranky submissive…   Luke Walker is tired. He spends long hours between his job as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and helping out his family at their restaurant. Coupled with the fact his degree is goi...
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The Yellow Rope
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Sequel to Priceless The Gods: Book Two Jaded billionaire Jeff Mayfield loves only what his money and power can buy, but the Fates have plans for him. First a player in Jeff’s casino hits a huge jackpot and things turn hectic.Then, in ...
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