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MJL Evans is an Indie Author and co-author of the 6-part novella series, No Quarter: Dominium. A writer of romance and relationship articles featured in publications like Monday Magazine in November 2004 and again in February 2006, she writes mixed fiction genres including historical, adventure, drama, eroticism, and humor. Published in the November 2014 issue of Flash Fiction Magazine, Red Dragon is vibrant in description and woven with magnified details. 

A native of Victoria, British Columbia, MJL Evans studied English at Victoria School of Writing and Camosun College. Not only is she passionate about her written expression, she is enthusiastic about her visual art masterpieces she has created over the past 20 years and has at least 60 plus paintings to her credit. MJL Evans is also a lover of film, independent, foreign, and cult. Her favorites include: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Nymphomaniac, Secret Window, The Brood, Brotherhood of the Wolf and many others.

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