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I've yet to develop the knack for writing a bio that is at once informative, interesting, and concise.  I also don't like writing blurbs for my stories.  This is why I write books -- because it takes me pages upon pages to tell a story.  *laugh*

I'm a Psych major, a non-traditional age student, queer (in every sense of the word), and prone to curiosity that would kill your average cat.

Good thing I'm not average. :)
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Adam and Keith like playing bedroom games -- and hot tub games and elevator games and backstage-at-a-concert games -- and they really like inviting other people to play with them. But when they both get a little more attached to Sebastian than the...
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Photographer Stuart Grange was happy with his suburbanite life until his partner was killed in a plane hijacking. Now he’s suddenly the face of gay rights in America and trying to deal with his new responsibility while coping with his overwh...
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Paper Planes
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Vincent is one unlucky bunny. After an indiscreet rendezvous with a sexy satyr in the supply closet at work, he’s put on probation and temporarily reassigned from the Easter Bunny Department to the Cupid Department. As his penance he’s or...
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Can't Hurry Love
Fate added injury to insult when Jonah Sellers’s live-in boyfriend left him: while moving out his ex’s belongings, Jonah fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Now his house is a prison, and he's working from home while his sister checks...
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Windows in Time
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