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The Urban Manners Manifesto - A Practical Guide For A**holes

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The Sexth Sense - Is It In Yet

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So, There I Was - Covered in Roast Beef

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I Slept With A Yeti One Time...Is He The Father?

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Sex, Murder, and Really Good Mangoes - The Total Cynic’s Book of Happy Endings from Around the World
Kelly awakes on a strange island with no memory of who she is or how she got there. A handsome Italian man from social services takes her under his wing in his remote and abandoned villa in an effort to help her find herself again. When a mysterious ...
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When Queen Neferet fails to produce an heir to the throne, King Amun takes Mery, who is also of royal blood, as his mistress. Queen Neferet struggles with her jealousy as she watches Mery fall in love with the king. Mery loves her queen as well, and ...
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The Tale of the Pharaoh's Mistress
Mara Loughlin is a depressed and struggling songwriter. After being abandoned by her boyfriend and receiving scathing reviews on her latest work, she embarks on a soul-searching journey to India for inspiration. On a train tour through the Indian ...
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Inspiring Anusha

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