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M. Peters has been a writer from a very young age, but is only recently beginning to realise that it could be something one could actually do for a living, via the advent of places like Createspace, Amazon and Smashwords. Since early 2003, she has been busily editing books for up-and-coming independent writers like herself, but never truly thought that her own works could see the light of day. Her first novel, Undisclosed Desires, was a result of a successful run of NanoWriMo in 2009, and is now available for purchase through Amazon's KDP program here: and in print format through Createspace here:

Current Releases
In Seville, Spain, during the beginning of Spain's Golden Years, a visitor by the name of Keith D'Ameron arrives at the city. His midnight eyes are filled with secrets he has shared with almost no one - over the long course of his vampire&...
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Undisclosed Desires

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Undisclosed Desires is available in print here: and for Amazon's Kindle here:

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