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Outwardly happy with his life, inwardly Aster longs for a dom of his own: someone he can trust with his heart, body, and soul. Then while in Montreal, in the midst of a snowstorm, he meets a mysterious man, Vanor, who seems like a dream come true. He...
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A dragon shifter's worst nightmare is an airplane flight in human form, with every self-preservation instinct in them screaming to shift. Varian knows this fear must be overcome sometime if dragons want to keep blending in with humans. But he doe...
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The Dragon and the Palm Tree
  Night of danger.                             Night of choices. Night when everything will cha...
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Night of Ceremony
  What does it feel like to belong to someone else? Body, mind, even soul? And what if the man who owns you is a dragon shifter with magic and immortality? For Wells, it means a thousand years of love, laced with danger, desire, and the f...
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The Dragon and his Knight
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In the hills above the castle are caves where, rumor has it, "things" are done to men that leave common soldiers glazed with pleasure. A good king should not even think about such things. If he was caught in the caves, he could lose his ...
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Slow Awakening
  You're invited to a dragon's wedding! That's right! Varian and Josh from the Notice series are getting married! There will be swooning (not by whom you'd expect) and wings (not on whom you'd expect) and champagne...
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A Sky Full of Wings
Dragon-shifter Varian Kendall would rather face a sword than have to pick out a Christmas present for his flamboyant lover, Josh. But this is their first real Christmas together, and he knows he must find something special to go into the red, lacy...
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Nice: The Dragon and The Mistletoe
A gay teen's worst nightmare is to be caught in the act by someone who disapproves. Gage snaps under his conservative father's fury and bolts, fleeing school, the family farm, and his shy, quiet boyfriend, Kyle. Ten years later, a violent ...
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My Boyfriend Has a Scar
  High school teacher and dragonshifter Adrian Kendall is given notice in his classroom, which means someone is out to get him. He doesn't know which student left the notice. He doesn't know how the attack it warns of will come. A...
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Summer vacation in Acadia and a hot, seductive stranger in a gay bar -- perfect. But a glass full of ice turns Tace's vacation into a nightmare. Before the evening ends, Tace is locked into a chastity device and addicted to the rapture-i...
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Making love in a canoe is not an easy feat, but Lewis and Taylor fit together remarkably well, considering one is an actor from New York City and the other has lived on a Vermont pond all his life with loons and owls and peace and quiet. There's noth...
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In Starlight
James was born with the ability to heal any injury or illness simply by touching the person who is suffering. The price James pays is falling in love with the person he's just healed. But how can he act on any of his infatuations if he k...
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The Rosebud
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Seductive and passionate, Zalen is the perfect sex slave. But his owners don't know the past that Zalen is hiding, and no one sees the pain in his soul that he seeks to drown in the oblivion of sex. Until one night when he is bought by a radia...
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The Glass Man

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