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I was born and raised in Maine and still live here with my family. On the surface, I’m an average American wife and mother, balancing life and work in blue jeans and sneakers. But I actually tend to favor the strange and unusual, mostly by way of fantasy and science fiction books and films. I also prefer dogs over cats and have an uncharacteristic animosity towards clowns. You can find my work on Amazon and Smashwords.

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In the new world, Demons rule. Humans are mere sustenance now. Evelyn Samson still believes in a better fate for her fellow human survivors, but her faith is tested when she's captured by the enemy. That's when she meets Bastian Darcey, wh...
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The First Series Collection
The era jives with jazz and swing, war divides the land and its people, and the king seeks any with the gifts of magick: the Mages. Fifteen-year-old Claire hates magick, probably more than most. But she can't condone the Monarch's tyrannical ...
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The Sire
In the war against Odin, Alex has lost nearly everyone she's ever loved and Zeke has had to watch her suffer. Now, it's off to London, where Alex faces her most challenging mission yet - undercover as a modern day teenager. Odin has invested ...
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The First Light (Book Four)
A whole year has passed and Alex is not happy about it. But when Zeke finally returns with his clan to find she's transformed her struggling team into an army with forces spread all over the world, the next phase of the war with Odin must begin. ...
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The First War (Book Three)
For one fateful night, human and First came together in battle, saving their comrade and nearly destroying their enemy. Now, after months apart, Alex and Zeke have reunited for an unprecedented alliance in the war against Odin and their monstrous Chi...
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The First Blood (Book Two)
Alex was just twelve years old when she learned monsters are real. Now, nearly a decade later, she and her team of fighters are locked in a secret war with Odin, the ancient faction of wealthy elites genetically engineering these monsters - the Chime...
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The First Night (Book One)
After the ruthless Merus invade Earth and start taking whatever they want, humans can only run and hide in hopeless defeat. But not Nora. All she has is hope, and it fuels her fight to get back everything they took from her. For her love, her light, ...
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Nora's Sun

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