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Maeve Alpin loves reading and writing about ancient times. It’s only natural that she loves alternative history just as much. She had a lot of fun combing the mystery and magic of ancient Egypt with the prim and proper, frill and lace, of an alternate Victorian age of steam robots and time travel machines for her As Timeless As Stone novella. Drawing on her love for a happy ending, she’s had several works published: five romance novels, three novellas, and short stories in four anthologies. She lives in Texas with her family; her grown son, her granddaughter, and her spoiled cat, Severus.
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  Blurb             Forbidden love…so strong…it spans the universe.         "Thrown off the Spanish estate she worked...
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Conquistadors In Outer Space: Ana’s Interplanetary Conquest
Walk on the wild side of Victorian London with the ghost and the ghost hunter.                 When Queen Victoria orders Sexton Dukenfield, premiere phantom hunter, to...
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To Love A London Ghost

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