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I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and attended The University of Toronto, where I graduated with a BA in History and Religion. I then went on to England to complete my postgraduate studies in Education where I specialised in fine art for the un-artistic child. My love of history and storytelling evolved when I was oversea on account of the historical nature that hits you at every tun in the UK. I began writing in my spare time but never took it seriously until I lost my job in January of 2011. Since then, my life has changed significantly on the writing front and I continue to plug away studiously at my craft.

Maggie is also an accomplished acrylics artist and an avid horse lover and rider. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and am is active member of the RWA-GVC (Romance Writers of America - Greater Vancouver Chapter). Please see her links below:

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A Peek Into the Life of Maggie Devine

My desk as I work on my latest manuscript

My desk as I work on my latest manuscript
There is a story here...

There is a story here...


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