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I am the oldest of nine children. This means I can always raise an army to fight off evil doers whenever they appear. It also means I'm a control freak and like to be the boss.

My childhood was spent writing stories, making up plays and musicals, and hamming it up whenever anyone would pay attention. From about the age of 9 or 10, I would gather the entire neighborhood and force them into servitude to produce and act in these entertainments, all the while charging their poor families to watch the shows. Did I tell you I'm kind of bossy?

In High School, I continued to write stories, poetry, and plays. I was in the Drama Club all through school and had dreams of being the next Julie Andrews. Fortunately, my parents convinced me to go to college and choose a "sane" profession that would put food on the table until I became a star.

College was wonderful and fit right in with my fantasy life. The only problem was deciding which fantasy profession was the one to be most fulfilling. Five majors and four years later, I settled on psychology. My parents did suggest "sane." After graduate school and five years working in counseling, I decided sanity wasn't all it was cracked up to be and went exploring.

Firmly believing that fantasy and reality are not in opposition, I found that psychology was indeed a great foundation for everything: secretary, bottle labeler, business assistant, sales of both things and people skills, actor, computer programmer, teacher, wife, mother, friend, and of course for being a boss. (It all comes full circle doesn't it?)

Throughout my many career choices, the one constant was writing. The other constant was never letting reality intrude too far on my fantasy life.

I've finally found the perfect profession. One where I have complete control of entire worlds and the people in them. One where fantasy and reality do more than coexist, they embrace each other. One where I can still force induce people to listen to me, to pay attention, and to give me money. Really, what's more fun than that?

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A Note From Maggie Faire

The Forest People series contains a total of seven books.  Below is the list and the planned release dates.

Chameleon: The Awakening
Book 1 of the Forest People
Available Now!. 

Chameleon: The Choosing
Book 2 of The Forest People
Available Now! 

Chameleon: The Summoning
Book 3 of The Forest People
Planned for October 2013

Chameleon: The Gathering
Book 4 of The Forest People
Planned for March 2014

Chameleon: The Harvesting
Book 5 of The Forest People
Planned for July 2014

Chameleon: The Reckoning
Book 6 of The Forest People
Planned for December 2014

Chameleon: The Rising
Book 7 of The Forest People
Planned for April 2015

Current Releases
Having survived the Kintala and liberated her father, Camryn knows two things: 1) her feelings about Ohar or Dagger can't be trusted; and 2) her newly found magical powers are darn scary and out of control. Though she has learned how to manage...
Available Now!
Chameleon: The Choosing
No identity. That’s what it’s like to be a human chameleon, and sixteen-year-old Camryn Painter wonders if she'll ever figure out who the real Camryn is—or should be. Just looking at someone else will cause her body to change...
Available Now!
Chameleon: The Awakening

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