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Both triumph and tragedy have shaped me into who I am. Like most women, I've survived illness, heartache, and disappointment. And somehow I found real love and passion in the end. Yes, the kind that you read about in romance novels really does exist!

My career over the past 30+ years has included five years as a Family and Marriage Counselor working with families with severely disabled children; eight years in the software industry, and academic appointments at various universities ranging from Professor to Department Director and to Dean. I ended my academic career as a Chief Technology Officer.

My educational background is in psychology, counseling, computer science, and education. Yes, I have far too many degrees. I just couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up, and being in constant debt seemed like an interesting challenge.

Somehow I found a way to satisfy both my left and right brain and fashioned a career that could do that by choosing positions that would use my people skills, my love of adaptive technologies, and my desire to be a teacher and mentor.
I am fortunate to now spend the majority of my time journeying into the world of my imagination and writing novels that reflect my passions and my belief that strong women can do anything, that the good guys win in the end, and that love will conquer all.

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Forgiving yourself is the first step, but helping others forgive may be just too hard. Rachel Cullen grew up in Scotland with a fiddle in her hand from the age of four. She couldn't imagine life as anything but a musician. When her husban...
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Healing Notes
Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy, and it's even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you. Becoming a member of an all-woman acoustic band on the bluegrass festival circuit was certainly not what...
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After a bitter fight, Jenna Mosier's pregnant sister ran away. Now, ten years later, Tanya is dead—murdered. A bloody note clutched in her hand pleads for someone to rescue her baby—a child Jenna must find to make up for not saving...
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Living 800 years is like the fountain of youth for some...and for others it's worse than a death sentence. Eternity, Inc. is the owner of a virus that allows humans to live up to 800 years--their physical bodies age only one year for ever...
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