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Trust isn’t Gabby’s strong suit. She grew up watching a series of men abuse her mother and swore that one day she’d be strong, logical and able to protect herself. Then she met Geoff. Kind and introspective yet oh so male, Geoff fir...
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Love, Sex, Spumoni
After the murder of her first love, J.J. hops from bed to bed, enjoying the heat of sexual encounters but closing her heart to love—until her dead lover’s well-meaning grandmother steps in with a special blend of spices and a promise t...
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Tex-Mex Sex Hex
It's been fifteen years since Belle gave her virginity to her first love, a boy she'd only known for a week and never saw again. Fifteen years of anger and hurt and secrets. Fifteen years of wanting to tell him exactly what she thinks of h...
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Screw Me Once
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Raelynn’s new neighbor doesn't understand Southern snow. When he tries backing out of his driveway and ends up with his rear bumper in Rae's gardenia bushes, what else can she do but invite him to dinner? And when his nearness makes ...
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Page 93
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