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Candace Richards finds herself pushed through a doorway in time back to 16th century England via a freak strike of lightning. She meets the handsome and arrogant Baron Ashton Laurent who seems to have stepped out of her most erotic fairy tale. He&...
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Perchance to Love
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High school sweethearts, Kalen and Niobe, were cruelly forced to go their separate ways weeks before their senior prom. Ten years later they cross paths. Sparks are still flying, but would they survive ten years of resentment and attempts to snuff...
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Another Time, Same Place
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In a future where aliens have invaded and taken over much of Earth, Gabrielle has been forced to do anything she can so that she and her sister can survive. Forced to become an assassin, Kor'Re is her latest assignment. The last thing she expe...
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Deadly Beauty
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Having had his world cruelly taken away from him, Roman felt he was incapable of love. But an unselfish act would bring them both together, fighting for a love that they would do anything to keep.  
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Hearts Collide

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