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I'm Marc Cabot, author of the "Dreams of Control" series of erotic mind control stories and other works. In addition to being an erotic hypnosis enthusiast, I'm also a real-life hypnotherapist. Don't worry, I don't get the two things confused. Well, hardly ever.

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Current Releases
Gianna's tired of guys who just want her for her body. She wants to be appreciated for her mind. So she logs onto Chatspinner as "Smartgirl" and tries to find somebody who'll do just that. Unfortunately for her, she finds &q...
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Caught In His Web
Stefan Antonescu, one of the world's rare and secretive true magicians, finds an unexpected visit from old acquaintance Cassiopeia Angelis setting them on the trail of a long-lost and legendary charm, the Silver Tongue. Soon, both Stefan and C...
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A Matter of Trust
For years Doctor Adrian Parker has plotted and schemed to get access to the resources of industry-leading drug manufacturer Proxidine Pharmaceuticals. They already make the best habit-control drugs in the world, but Doctor Parker has a different, ...
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At His Discretion
Sean Dunston likes to take pictures - preferably of beautiful female models who serve as inspiration for his digital paintings. Today the hot young model "Mata Hari" is killing it in his studio doing glamour shots for him to use in creat...
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His Lucky Break
This tale in the "Dreams of Control" universe introduces the beautiful and brilliant Doctor Jessica Cardwell. All her life Dr, Cardwell has been obsessed with neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to take in and retain information. ...
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The Shape of Her Desires
In this installment of the "Dreams of Control" series, a brilliant but awkward college student discovers the Holy Grail of men everywhere: a harmless, indetectable drug that makes women want sex as badly as men do. He and his handsome ro...
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The Ultimate Icebreaker
This scorching short story is about Julie, whose high-school friend Anne returns with a mysterious and fascinating new husband. Before she knows what's happening, Julie finds herself falling under David's spell. But to belong to him, even ...
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The Reunion
The second book in the "Dreams of Control" series, "Maestro" tells the story of a man who wants to conduct the greatest music of all - the Song of Consciousness. For more than ten years, former graduate student David Jones...
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The first book in the "Dreams of Control" series, "Awakening" is an erotic novella about a man who finds his fantasy has become reality - and has to find a way to make reality accept it. A mysterious box, an even more myst...
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