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Tony Taylor aka TT is a shifter and an alpha who longs for a mate. He is the leader of his Pokermoe tribe of tiger shifters. Darlene is also a member of that Pokermoe tribe. TT finds her very attractive and wishes they could be mates. What he doesn&r...
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All In
Dexter Dewitt, a demon, escorts damned souls to that dreaded, feared place called Hell, where as Dante’s Inferno says according to the sign at the entrance of Hades… All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter In.  Dexter has been doing this ...
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…98, 99, 100, 101… 1800s pirate, Duncan McBeal, heard his men counting the gold coins he and his mates had stolen from a ship they raided only several hours ago. However, his mind was not set on the successful mission of the booty he...
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The Pirate and the Mermaid
Annie Cook, a widow with a six-year-old son, doesn’t think love will ever come her way again, until she meets Cord Williamson, a UPS driver. Cord turns out to be a perfect match, but would it be fair to continue a relationship with him when she...
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A Transplanted Christmas
Charlie Jackson is not just your everyday hit woman. No, she is one of the deadliest female assassins ever. One day, after a botched hit, she decides to resign. As a result, she finds that the tables are turned and now she is the target of a hit.&nbs...
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One Dangerous Woman
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