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Marc Vun Kannon was born in Bethpage, Long Island, and grew up with a complete collection of Oz books in his room, and Star Trek on the TV. After surviving his teen age years, he entered Hofstra University. Five years later, he exited with a BA in philosophy and a wife. He still has both, but the wife is more useful.

A series of minor jobs followed, which allowed him to enter Graduate School for Philosophy. Although he chose not to complete the degree, his studies inspired him to write his first novel, Unbinding the Stone. His wife inspired him to have children.

He went back to school, and completed a Computer Science degree. He also wrote his second novel, A Warrior Made, and a variety of short stories. Mostly, he is father to his three children, husband to his wife, and author to his books.

He, and they, now reside in Wading River, Long Island, New York.

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A Note From Marc Vun Kannon

Welcome to Marc Vun Kannon's Off-the-Beaten Trail Emporium, where everything looks like something else until it doesn't anymore. Here we have fantasies about real life, lunar colonies with werewolves, vampires celebrating Christmas, and Santa's elves mastering the latest in technology - the steam engine!

Current Releases
His Uncreative Muse wants a sequel… His Hero is already dead… His romantic leads are romantically inclined… His parallel planes of existence are crossing… He doesn’t have a villain… And ...
Available Now!
Struck By Inspiration
The Moon is haunted... Joseph Marquand didn't want to go back, he really didn't, but duty called and curiosity beckoned, and besides, it's not like his nights could get any worse. A werewolf attack on the Moon itself was something...
Available Now!
St. Martin's Moon
For centuries these warrior-scholars have protected mankind from the most deadly fruits of its fertile imagination, binding dreams, lest they become very real nightmares.  Time and technology have shifted that balance yet again, making creatu...
Available Now!
Ex Libris
Tomparasil is a very forward-thinking elf, embracing the technology of the 19th-century world.  When Santa decides to go global, Tom decides his time has come.  But there are those in the workshop who would rather he stayed in the boiler...
Available Now!
Steampunk Santa
The Vampires learn the true meaning of Christmas. David Broder learns the true meaning of vampires. Be careful what you wish for!
Available Now!
Bite Deep
In the town of Stones-Throw, the biggest outdoor sport was watching the shipwreck races. The biggest indoor sports were drinking, brawling, and jacking. Longshanks McGonigle wanted a drink. The denizens of the Port & Swill wanted a fight. And ...
Available Now!
Boys Will Be Boys
His Muse is on strike... His Hero hates his lines... His Villain has sworn revenge... The Editors are in revolt... What's an Author to do!
Available Now!
Chasing His Own Tale
Sandi von Pier: wife, mother, caregiver. Recent abductee from her own universe, unwilling participant in an alien media event. She'd call it 'reality TV', except for the monsters. She'd think it was 'Interdimensional Survivor&#...
Available Now!
Off the Map
Tarkas has devoted his life to serving the gods, doing what must be done at a cost only Heroes dare pay.  He has also served his adoptive clan, the NarDemlas, as Brother and Second to the clan leader, in preparation for the day a son comes in...
Available Now!
A Warrior Made
All Tarkas wanted was to live the life he'd made for himself, get married, have children, as generations of his fathers had done before him since the beginning of time. The Gods had other plans, and Tarkas couldn't say no, even had they bo...
Available Now!
Unbinding the Stone

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Marc Vun Kannon's Links:

Short Stories
Ex Libris (commando librarians!)
Steampunk Santa (bringing Santa’s workshop into the 19th century)
Bite Deep (the vampires get what they always wanted for Christmas, a savior of their own!)
Chasing His Own Tale (the only thing worse than a story that doesn’t talk to you is one that does!)
Boys Will Be Boys (Cyber-pirates…sort of.)
Off The Map (No good deed goes unpunished.)
Unbinding the Stone
A Warrior Made

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