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Though Lisa’s workaholism is undermining her relationship with Jack Ryan, she can’t let up. Not now when she’s this close to clinching the deal to sell Déjà Brew, a risky potion that transports customers to key mome...
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Deja Brew

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Dark Venues
Her find of a buried scroll will boost Marisol Murray’s career and impress her arrogant project head, Grant Drury. Then the earth moves—and she’s face-to-face with two eunuchs and a prince. April Fool’s? Not. Suddenly, femi...
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Desert Destiny
Hit TV show lovers Gwen and Dirk are a real-life couple. After a production shake-up, a hot young starlet is hired to replace Gwen onscreen. Threatened much? Gwen is terrified that Dirk, who’s ten years younger, will leave her in real life t...
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Soap Bloke
Darnell DeLouis, leader of the Trenton, New Jersey Black Guards, an elite vampire group, faces his biggest challenge ever. In three days, he and the head of the Cosa Nostra vampires will duke it out for control of Trenton. But the granddaddy of all c...
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Fangs 'n' Foxes
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Their destiny was to die in the avalanche, waiting for help that came too late. But, when what began as an attempt to stay warm, turns into heated passion, the two couples trapped in a frozen cave by the snow discover that their love and desire fo...
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Anniversary Waltz

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