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Margie Miller

Margie lives with her husband, five boys and a dog in central Arizona. She's wanted to be an author since the age of nine, when her third grade teacher made the mistake of telling her that her story "Detective Snoop and the Haunted House" was very good, instantly planting delusions of grandeur into her young, impressionable mind. Today, she keeps that first piece close, just to stay humble... and for the occasional laugh. When not dragging her teenagers into various dubious adventures, she loves to read and crochet. 

Current Releases
Now that they've bought their dream home, Jenni and Elliott Hamilton just want to settle down and start a family. But their plans are derailed when they get sucked into the In Between and learn they belong to a race of people called the Gatekeepe...
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Shanghaied: Lost Gatekeepers Book 1
Rejected, heartbroken and sworn to remain single forever, Allison is raising her orphaned siblings alone. Andrew has one rule: no second dates.This makes for a fun and flirty friendship, no strings attached - just hormonal teenagers, pris...
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Sapphire Promises
Convenience store clerk, Katy Simms has got to be the only woman in North America who hasn't heard of megastar Derrick Nelson, which makes her boarding house the perfect place for him to recover from a nervous breakdown. When he stumbles into her...
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Ever Together
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The man responsible for Francesca's single most humiliating experience of her life has just moved in next door. Sure, it's been fifteen years, but some moments, a person never forgets. Unless you're David, apparently. Now, completely clue...
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Waiting For Sunrise
Four hundred years after The Great Destruction, the world has devolved into warring tribal nations. The Dreamwalkers are receiving visions from The Great Power- an unknown country across the Skylark Mountains will soon invade. Without physical pro...
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Dreamwalkers Book One, The Gathering
Big Brown Truck is lonely, and to reach his new family, he has to travel to far away Panama!  
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Big Brown Truck Finds a Family

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