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Marguerite Arotin has been writing since the third grade when she wrote her first story for a Halloween class project and loved the praise she got from it. She didn’t pick up her first romance novel, however, until the age of nineteen when she met her husband who showed her that true love does exist. She lives in Ohio with her smart little son, a lovable older cat, and a fiesty, squeaky kitten. When she's not writing romance, she can be found surfing the net, hanging around on my space and calling it promotion, or taking her son to the library so he can indulge in a shared favorite hobby with Mom, reading :-).
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She played the game never expecting it be real or deadly. But when Janet Lind becomes her sorceress alter-ego can she fight to protect her son and Dazzart the Bold, the sexy ogre who brought her to his world? Dazzart finds himself drawn to Jan...
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The Last Sorceress
Famous prodigal daughter Sherrie Porter comes home to Wayback after a wildfire destroys her Malibu home and ruins her supermodel stardom. While she longs for the comfort of family and friends, there’s one person she wants to avoid— her ex...
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The Return of the Prodigal Daughter
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Bethany Wilder never expected to find love in the arms of the nephew of the man who shot down her first love. But when she rescues Tyler Brown out of the canal, she can’t deny her attraction to him. Tyler Brown never expected to be rescued by...
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The Locktender's Daughter

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