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MARIANNE LACROIX started writing as a child in elementary school. Her first book was a story about a Christmas underwater featuring an eel, a whale and an octopus which she read to the first grade class to a memorable round of applause. She grew up in New Jersey in a small town located between Philadelphia and Atlantic City where she received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Glassboro State (aka Rowan University). Shortly afterwards, she married her “sexy Dutchman” and moved to Southwest Georgia. There she went back to school for nursing. After working several years in her local hospital in the cardiac step down unit and then a nursing home, she quit to be an at home mom.

When she was pregnant, Mari revisited her earlier passion for writing. Always a voracious reader, she decided to write romances she’d like to read. She has written several short stories, novellas and novels and has received numerous recognitions for her writing such as two Romantic Times BOOKclub Top Picks, a Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature (PEARL) Honorable Mention, and a Cupid and Psyche Award (CAPA). She is active in Romance Writers of America and is the founder of Florida Panhandle Romance Writers (FPHRW) located in Tallahassee, Florida. Mari loves reading romance, surfing the web, hanging out with her family and gossiping on the phone with friends. She loves attending writer conferences and reader conventions to meet her favorite authors and obtain cherished autographed copies of their books. A self described “bookaholic”, her book collection numbers in the hundreds—and continues to grow steadily much to her husband’s dismay.

Mari writes from her Georgia home where she lives with her husband, their twin daughters, two dogs, one cat, a cockatiel, and two hamsters.

Current Releases
Lord Marco Cordoba, the Moorish Prince of Castilla de la Cordoba, is a man tormented by the past. Unable to save his bride Isobel from an evil vampire, Marco vows to stop at nothing to destroy the creature even if it meant becoming the very thing he ...
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The Dark Knight
MARIANNE LACROIX Scorpion King When the underwater city of Pacifica is in danger of crumbling, beautiful Queen Naiya Pisces meets a virile naval scientist whose special tattoo fulfills an ancient legend of her people and arouses her most erotic des...
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Royal Bondage
Torrid Tarot - Crossed Swords By Marianne LaCroix - Romantic Times Top Pick! (April 2008) Arabella Prescott's dreams of marriage were shattered when her fiancé was murdered by pirates. When she is kidnapped by the roguishly handsome Capta...
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Pirate's Mistress

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