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A passionate advocate for the Law of Attraction, Maria began her journey twenty years ago, with the works of Deepak Chopra, and the Celestine Prophesy.  After graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor's Degree in Science, she studied with Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Bob Proctor.  Born in Greece and raised in Stuttgart, Germany by traditional Greek parents, Maria was exposed at an early age to the ancient art of coffee grind reading.  Her mother was considered an expert in coffee grind reading and believed she was able to forecast events and upcoming information through the translation and understanding of the symbols.  As Maria began her study of the Law of Attraction, she discovered it is one's belief in the future reading that manifests the outcome, not the reader's "forecast."  If you believe in the forecast then you create t in your life; you manifest it through the Law of Attraction.  Maria's passion is to inspire and help others to understand how to use the Law of Attraction for a more joyful, fulfilled and prosperous life. 

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