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Marie-Elise Bassett

Marie-Elise writes f/f romance and erotica for Musa Publishing. Her Songs of Sappho series debuts a new f/f story every few weeks. She lives in the deep South with two dogs, two cats, and far too many books.

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Current Releases
Can a lonely governess find love a second time with the woman who broke her heart? When Amy Calvert’s carriage breaks down outside the country estate of Beatrice Hartwell, she isn’t sure if it’s a blessing or a curse. Beatric...
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Winter Companion
  Can the daughters of a vicar and an earl find love despite their parents' meddling? Everyone is unhappy with Sophie, but it really isn’t her fault. Her father can’t understand why she wants to reject the brilliant ma...
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Song of Sappho 6: Sophie's Lament
  Two young widows enjoying their vacation on the Continent take great delight in thwarting a jewel thief and in discovering one another’s charms.She had rolled so that she was on top of Hermione, her small breasts crushed against H...
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Songs of Sappho 5: Bound by Fortune
Minerva Beverly knows better than to want what she can't have. After rejecting her father's plans for an arranged marriage, she takes a position as the literature instructor at a girls academy When overcrowding forces her to take a roommat...
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Songs of Sappho 4: The Food of Love’
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Lady Hammersly finds comfort –and perhaps the love she has always longed for - when her errant spouse’s cousin Jane comes to visit. Helen, Lady Hammersly is ready for a change. Helen knows she wants more from life than simply doin...
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Songs of Sappho 3: A Sweet Revenge
When Lady Kate's parents make a match for her, she is horrified to discover that her new bridegroom is very rich and very old. The only person who can calm her fears is her maid, Hannah. Hannah sets out to teach her young mistress how to pleas...
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Songs of Sappho 2: My Lady's Service
A lovely widow discovers that she isn’t frigid; she just lacked the right partner in bed--her brother’s governess. Lovely widow Lily Winslow isn't happy with her life. She longs for travel and adventure, but lacks the courage ...
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Songs of Sappho 1: Lily in Bloom
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