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Reeling from a breakup with the man she’d considered the love of her life, Lena Graham attends the December wedding of yet another friend who managed to land her dream man. At the reception, the proverbial, tall, dark, and handsome Marc Walk...
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Dear Cari, When I was twenty?seven, I realized I was in love with my younger sister’s best friend. She was only seventeen  at the time so I never confessed my feelings before she moved out of state to attend college. My plans to tel...
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Dear Cari
Sequel to Sister’s Keeper After watching her shy friend land her dream man, Bethnae Wills decides it’s time she made a bold move of her own. While spending a long “working” weekend with the boss she’s been secretl...
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Sweet Surrender - Sister's Keeper Series
Kelly’s always considered herself the responsible sister. So when her twin abruptly elopes with a former boyfriend, she feels compelled to break the news to the man expecting to spend a romantic weekend with Karen. Her plans to do the right ...
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Sister's Keeper - Sister's Keeper Series
Linea Hills is an attractive, confident, full-figured woman in full control of her heart and her life—until she falls into lust with her best friend’s husband. Then her life is turned upside down as she feels betrayed by love that hits he...
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Betrayed by Love
Long Line of Love, Book Three Peyton Grayhawk has spent his entire life feeling as if he’d lost the only woman he can ever love. He can’t quite remember her, or the previous life they shared, but he’s certain they’ll me...
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Only One Love
Sexually inexperienced cleaning service owner, Jade Johnstone is content with her life, and then she meets her newest client, the handsome Reed Daniels. Although Reed appears indifferent, it's lust at first sight for Jade. She's content to keep her f...
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Dream Lover
One beautiful, addictive woman. Two warring brothers prepared to fight to the death for her love. There is no more compelling force in a vampire's life than that of bloodlust. During a difficult and prolonge...
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Moonlight Madness
Jake gets far more than he bargains for when he agrees to allow his sister-in-law to set him up on a blind date. Bree turns out to be nothing like Jake’s ideal woman. So why can’t Jake stop pursuing the full-figured enchantress? Will J...
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Skin Deep
Nine years after the death of her fiancé shattered her hopes of love, marriage and kids, thirty-year-old Tempest Marshall feels her biological clock ticking away. Afraid she will never love again, she decides to become a single mother — ...
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Nights of Desire

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