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Marion Webb-De Sisto

Marion Webb-De Sisto was born and grew up in England, but spent many years working and raising her family in the USA. After taking early retirement in 1999, she was finally able to find time to write and began pursuing a life-long dream. Marion believes her writing career was inspired by her passion for reading from a very early age. She describes herself as a people watcher. The duality that exists within each person fascinates this author. She uses her many years of working and communicating with people as a blueprint for 'fleshing out' her fictional characters.

Marion’s Fantasy novels are filled with angels, demons and mythical creatures, while her non-fiction books offer information on metaphysical subjects. At present, Marion lives in the Greater London Area of England with her American husband.

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Current Releases
When a fierce, badass lycan needs a woman to be sexually submissive, what’s a girl to do? Marlee is mixed race—half-human and half-elf. During the week, she teaches elf children how to use their powers positively. At night, on weekends...
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Marlee's Dom
She’s a slave to the vampyre’s needs. As a young girl, Elyse has some of her life-force essence taken by Brenwul—a vampyre. He makes her believe what happened was only a dream. Sometime later, he’s cursed by a witch and bec...
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The Vampyres's Slave
A terrible birthday present that becomes the best gift ever – that of love. Esther’s friends give her the birthday gift of a date with Angel Zortek who, unknown to them, is not a man dressed as an angel. He’s a demgel, someone wh...
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Stolen Away (World of Kurbridor 4)
He’s a charismatic vampyre who can capture a woman’s attention and love. A woman named Delia, living on the magical world of Kurbridor, is attacked by two vampires on her way home from work. She’s rescued by a tall, mysterious st...
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Vampyre Rescuer
Is fire daemon love too hot to handle? One day, while working in her cake store on the magical world of Kurbridor, Beccah Simpton is threatened by a demgel. This half demon, half angel person wants to abduct Beccah and make her his sex slave, but ...
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Fiery Love
Can demon lust become true love? On the magical world of Kurbridor, Emmi Jareth reluctantly goes to a club with two of her friends. Soon she realizes someone seated in a dark corner is watching her. Even though he appears to be human, she believes...
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Corrupting Demon
A fallen angel and a waitress, who works in a club named Danjal's, meet and immediately dislike each other. However, a circumstance, instigated by demons, soon forces them to be together, and their feelings begin to change. On the magical worl...
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Welcome to Danjal's
A blind date with a guy dressed as an angel is what Esther Nolan's friends give as her thirtieth birthday present. Reluctant to accept, she nevertheless goes to dinner with the pseudo angel, named Zortek, and he's rude, chauvinistic and very ...
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Taken: Tales of Cymllon Series
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The most dangerous rule-wreckers from have written stories for this ‘adults only’ anthology. It’s a ‘must have’ book, covering different genres, all speculative fiction and great reading for those...
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Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road

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