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Marsha Casper Cook is the author of 10 published books and eleven feature-length screenplays. Her published works include Love Changes, a romantic novel about a family in crisis, and To Life, a non-fiction biography about being a teenager and surviving the Holocaust. She has also written four books for young children, Snack Attack, The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion and the poetry collection The Busy Bus. Her fourth children's book No Clues No Shoes features Emelina Hewitt and her dog Stanley.Her new romance book The Vitginia Templeton Stories is her first Novella based on a screenplay character from Marsha's screenplay Mrs Templeton. Her work in progress isa Novella, Prince Charming, also from a screenplay.Her screenplays has been optioned several times to be made into movies and eventually that is her goal.  

Since early 2010, Marsha has hosted radio shows on Blog Talk Radio with Host V.S, Grenier as the other half of World Of Ink Network Blog Talk Radio. Her show "A Good Story Is A Good Story" features discussions and interviews with prominent authors and publishers as well as all the latest news about what's going on in the world of writing.

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Meet Virginia Templeton in this fast paced erotic romance series. Enjoy her steamy seductive sex scenes as she maneuvers her way to the top.  Not only is Virginia sexy she is smart. This series is fast paced and a lot of fun. She has sex with qu...
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