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Maya French is an old school heroine-- brave, tough yet sweet, and funny.  She started sitting on my left shoulder when I lived in Orlando on a gorgeous resort property.  The place was so grand, so beautiful that it had a surreal quality and she became part of that super-reality.  

My name is Marta Chausée and I enjoy killing people in my books.  I also enjoy the search for the perfect pomegranate, either on foot, on bicycle or in a car on the way to the grocery.

I grew up in the oldest 'hood in Los Angeles, where kids could still roam free 'mongst the hobo camps near the railroad tracks.  We explored the underground tunnels, we explored the hillsides below the Southwest Museum looking for arrowheads, and we explored the abandoned McGray house near the lagoon.  It was all about discovery and things being too spooky to go on, but we did go on, daring each other to do outrageous things.

I come from an eccentric, cross-cultural, noisy, music and art-filled home and I suppose that might be reflected in my work, my writing and my art.  When I'm not writing mysteries, short stories, poems and plays, I'm either riding my bike, painting in oils, creating architectural scale mosaics, or searching for that elusive perfect pom.

Happy reading!  I hope you'll enjoy Maya's company as much as I do.  Murder's Last Resort is the first in the Maya French mystery series, published by Oak Tree Press.


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It is bad enough that a couple of deaths happen within days of each other at the Sapphire Silver Pines Resort in Orlando, FL. But it isn’t until the hotel manager, Hubert French, is arrested on suspicion of murder that his wife Maya begins her...
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Murder's Last Resort (A Maya French Mystery)

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