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I'm Martin Delacroix, author of male/male, erotic fiction. My stories have appeared in over two dozen print anthologies. I have published six single-author anthologies: Seabastian Inlet, Boys in Heat, Flawed Boys, I'm Bi Myself, Boys Who Love Men, Becoming Men,  and Gay Men with Kinks. Novels I have published include: Love Quest, Maui, Trick and Treat, Adrian's Scar, Jailbirds, De Narvaez, and Capable of Evil.

I live with my partner, Greg, on a barrier island on Florida's Gulf Coast.  

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Current Releases
All guys have desires; it's only natural. But the search for fulfillment always seems to pose a challenge for gay men. In this four-story Martin Delacroix anthology, a college-age voyeur finds a partner in crime. A skateboarder finds love f...
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Boys and Desire
Sebastian Inlet offers four unique stories, all about men who seek another man's love. In each story there's adversity to be faced, and sometimes even danger. In "Sebastian Inlet", Tate Burrows pursues the affection of a fellow surf...
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Sebastian Inlet
Kurt Delay has just served thirty months in prison, on an arson conviction. He's on parole and crazy about his new lover, Eli, who's also an ex-con. Passion between Kurt and Eli burns hotter than Kurt's conflagrations; love between Eli an...
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After Kai Olsen's "perfect lover" dies in a cycling accident, Kai takes a part-time job teaching at a community college to fill his empty evenings. When Kai's physically challenged student, Adrian Knox, shows an interest in Kai, ...
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Adrian's Scar
"Flawed Boys" offers four erotic tales of men falling in love with troubled souls. In "Slacker", nineteen year-old Robert's a high school dropout with ADHD, a limp, and confidence problems. Alcohol and marijuana are Robert&...
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Flawed Boys
When Ishmael Fanning, a Florida surfer and grade school teacher, is dumped by his partner of seven years, he relocates to the Hawaiian island of Maui. There he quickly finds himself involved with two younger men: Corey, a competition surfer, and S...
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Nick's parents are working class. Domestic violence has plagued his Florida childhood. A closeted gay man, he vows he'll avoid personal commitments as an adult. Nick tells himself, Who needs love? It's all bullshit, anyway. But on a Co...
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Loving Samuel
Becoming Men offers stories about four college boys who share a common need: love from another young man. In "East Beach", Ian, a lifeguard, is forced to confront his hidden attraction to males when he's teamed for the summer with Ke...
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Becoming Men
Boys Who Love Men offers four erotic tales, each about a young man overcoming his fears while seeking what he needs most in his life: love from an older man. Meet Jeff, a country boy yearning to escape his small town. Enter the world of Bradley St...
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Boys Who Love Men
Eighteen year old Jamie Bliss ages out of the foster care system, a victim of repeated sexual abuses. After hustling tricks and living on the street for a time, Jamie enters into a pair of abusive relationships before meeting Evan and Frederick, a...
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Love Quest
Voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM, and sex in public places, are among the many kinks gay men indulge in, but they'll rarely talk about such activities. Kink takes place furtively, in dark places, mostly with strangers. This Martin Delacroix anth...
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Gay Men with Kinks
Some guys like women, they call themselves "straight." Some guys like men, they call themselves "gay." But what about guys who like both men and women? They're a rare breed, but they do exist. Read about them in the pages o...
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I'm Bi Myself
Career criminal Alton McKinney, and youthful arsonist Randall, are not just cellmates, they're lovers. When the two are paroled from Okeechobee State Prison, they hatch a plot to kidnap a rich girl. They'll ransom her for a million dollars...
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Capable of Evil
Boys in love, boys in trouble, boys in heat .... This Martin Delacroix anthology offers three erotic stories of young men who crave another guy's flesh. In "Noah, Dane, and Me", a young ex-Marine with a "daddy kink" seeks a...
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Boys in Heat
Reverend Luke helps put on the Passion Play at his church every year. Nearly eighty parishioners get involved, and this year brothers James and Marcus Thibodeaux, will participate. James will play Jesus, but there’s a hitch; James is deaf. M...
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Passion Play
Blurb: After an eighteen year absence, Dallas Tench, a thirty-six year old gay man, returns to his Florida hometown of DeNarvaez, population ten thousand, to oversee administration of his late father's estate. When Dallas encounters...
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De Narvaez

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