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Mary Abshire

I am a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author from Indiana. From my youth, I acquired an interest in the paranormal and supernatural creatures by watching sci-fi and horror shows. I started writing for fun in my twenties, but never pursued a writing career. Now that I am much older, I can. Love for the dark, mysterious, dangerous, and out of the ordinary is part of my soul. 

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Immortal Revenge Mary Abshire   “Wow. You’re like the female version of Rambo.” -Jules   Vengeance comes with a price.   The Legacy, #1   Grief stricken Katie Dillinger is o...
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Immortal Revenge
Sparks fly under the full moon in paranormal suburbia. Vampire Alexandria Cartwright believes she’s found the perfect home in paranormal suburbia. An independent young woman and professional financial adviser, Alexi needs help from no m...
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Welcome to the Neighborhood
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Retribution. At any cost.   Now that she knows her name and what she is, she wants justice for everything she’s lost. Though her memories elude her, she takes a job for a half-demon Senator and, aided by werewolves from a local ...
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The Quest
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She's the only one of her kind. And she doesn’t even know her name.    Two investigators--one human, one vampire--find a young woman among a mass of dead bodies. She has no memories, and nothing but her clothes, two rec...
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The Awakening
Welcome toarctic Alaska, free from vampires and home to humans, demons, and werewolves. After months of moving and hiding from the VETOV, Drake and Jessie settle into a small Alaskan town. They soon discover a serial killer is on the loose and...
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Love Conquers All Evil
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Half-demon Jessie Garrett's battles seem endless. While Jeremy, the demon out to win her heart, teaches her how to fight, Jessie's relationship with her vampire lover, Drake, reaches a breaking point. Adding to her struggles, she must defe...
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Fighting Evil
  Half-demon Jessie Garrett wants to live a normal life among her friends and keep her  soul catching ability a secret, but supernatural creatures keep popping up in her world.  Adding to her struggles, her vampire lover...
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Catching an Evil Tail
Half-demon Jessie Garrett is searching for an evil vampire that's been preying upon children. She wants to claim the rogue vamp's soul and send it to hell. To find the dead man walking she must partner with another bloodsucker, Drake, even...
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Claiming the Evil Dead

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