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Mary Cox

Mary Cox resides in Las Vegas with her husband of twenty-five years. She spent her twenties in New York City as an actress and dancer before entering a career in health care. She has written several television episodes and feature film scripts. Now, she’s turning her love for words into production as a romance writer. Mary writes about gorgeous alpha males with tons of charm, who might also be vampires. Her heroines are smart and strong with plenty of heart. Best of all, her stories take readers on a ride that holds their attention from start to finish. Her first novel, with Forever More Publishing, is a hot supernatural (vampire) romance. Look for Rise by Mary Cox at all ebook stores.

Write to Mary Cox on Facebook or tweet with her on Twitter, @writeMaryCox.

A Note From Mary Cox

An excerpt from Rise:

"So ask me in. We still need to talk.”

“Do I have to ask you in?” she whispered, unsure.

He gave her a flummoxed glance. “Uh…no, but I’m not the kind of guy to push my way into your place.”

“Okay,” she murmured, still cautious.

She opened the door to what might have been the smallest studio apartment he’d ever seen. It was neat, utilitarian and stark. Matt was struck by the large open space that dominated the middle of the small room until he realized the wood paneling centered on the wall was a Murphy bed. Cat gestured him onto the loveseat and dropped in place beside him.

She gave him a direct look. “Talk.”

His stare back was just as direct. “Tell me what you think you saw.”

“I know I saw you turn into something…in-human,” she said quietly.

“In-human, huh?” he pondered. “Then…what would that make me?”

“Something I don’t understand. Are you…an alien?”

Matt looked aside to squelch a smile, returning a serious face to her. “You mean, like from Mexico?”

“No. I mean, like…” She bit her lip and pointed upward.

“From upstairs?”

She laughed nervously. “No, I’m pretty sure everyone in this building has to prove citizenship.”

“Ah…so, farther up? Like outer space?”

“Yeah, like outer space.”

“No. I’m definitely from Los Angeles.”

Cat paused, seeming to ponder what that could mean. “Then, what are you? Because what I saw…”

“I’m a vampire,” he said implacably.

“That’s impossible.”

“You saw it for yourself. Not the way I would chose to introduce my nature, but shit happens.”

She drew into herself again. “So, is this when you kill me?”

Matt buried a laugh. “Not tonight.” And at her alarmed gasp he added soothingly, “Not ever. I’m not ever going to kill you.”

“Vampires are killers…”

“Maybe in bad B movies. Real vampires have a lot of different ways of eating, without killing. You’d be surprised.”

“Oh. What’s it like to be a vampire?” 


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