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I presently live in Florida and have nine e books out in cyber space with Mystic Moon Press. I live to write and with each project, I let my imagination drift along. It is a toy and for me, writing is play time. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and when all is said and done, I hope someone can say I did my job well. If I can make one person smile, or cry or laugh, then I have succeeded.
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"Enter the little children and come closer to me, for I have waited a long time and you have finally come home." Mandy does just that. A self proclaimed witch, she comes closer and settles in and decides to form her own coven. With an ol...
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The Thirteenth Power
A school bus with seventeen children has disappeared in the desert. Madame Cobilet (coh-bee-yay) the famouse psychic has been asked to come and help find them. As the media had built her up, they tear her down. Once flashy and in demand for public ap...
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Madame Cobilet/ The Box

A Peek Into the Life of Mary Frances

just two of my six babies!!

just two of my six babies!!
My Rhett

My Rhett
Scarlett- Gramma dog

Scarlett- Gramma dog

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