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Due to unusual circumstances, when Misee Sue makes a “miracle” catch, allowing her high school baseball team to win the state championship, no one sees it. Everyone thinks she’s lying—there was no way she could have caught it....
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The Catch of Misee Sue
People are dying in the suburbs of Denver, and a young lady from the streets appears to be the latest victim. Thanks to a friend, she doesn’t die, but she does display symptoms of drug toxicity from an unknown substance, similar to the other vi...
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Chicago PD detective Colton Mitchell takes a nostalgic vacation back to his home town of Midland, Arkansas, expecting a simple vacation. But he’s totally unprepared for what he finds when he gets there for. Reuniting with his high-school sweeth...
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Committed to winning a challenge from friends, he falls in love with a woman who is not what she appears to be… Brent Walker receives a challenge from friends to interview and photograph Margret Barnett, the elusive heir to a newspaper fort...
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No Small Deceit

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