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3rd in The Homesteader series Charlie studied the baby. “Why’s his eyes so slanted? And why’s his skin so light? You and me’s more deep brown. How come he’s so much lighter, Effie Mae? You tol’ me I was the firs...
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Life on the Homestead

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Andy and Spirit in the Big Rescue

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One Family's Christmas

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Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair
3rd in The Homesteader series. Reluctantly, Tom Jennings leaves his wife, due to deliver their first child, alone to testify at a Waco hearing.  While he is gone the family is challenged to survive against strange circumstances. 
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Back to the Homestead

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Andy and the Albino Horse
Katrina Sturdivant's young life has been a struggle to survive in a harsh climate and dangerous town.  She has lost her mother and baby brother and, now, her father has been killed.  She is convinced his death was not an accident and sets o...
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Kat's Cradle

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The Christmas Angel
2nd in the Homesteader series A young girl's scream, a baby's wail and a toddler's cry broke the quiet of the countryside near Moriarty, New Mexico.  Although unheard by neighbors too distant to help, their voices screeched a heartrending cry. ...
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The Homesteader's Legacy
While visiting her aunt in historic Virginia city, Nevada, Lynne Garrett finds herself embroiled in a mystery that threatens her life.  First in the Lynne Garrett mystery series.  Abducted! is 2nd.  Sierra Summer, 3rd.
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Goodbye Is Forever
Win Brighton's life is complicated by the three women in his world.  One, his fiancee', expects to marry him.  The second, a prostitute, wants to love him.  The third, a naive immigrant, is caught up in a struggle to survive.
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Blue Coat
1st in The Homesteader Series.   Molly Kling lowered her rifle.  Her aim was steady as she felt the trigger against her finger.  Lead zinged inches from the stranger's left leg.  No one was going to take what she had come fo...
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The Homesteader

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