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Mary lives in Phoenix Arizona, where she sells real estate, works in her husband's business, spends time with three granddaughters, the oldest of whom is her computer guru, setting up websites, manufacturing book trailers, and inventing new plots for stories that would be of interest to teens. The Teacher of Time series is co-authored with Ryanne Maxie

Mary’s interests apart from granddaughters, are singing, golf, symphony, live theater, entertaining, cooking and decorating, especially for holidays of any kind, and having lunch with ‘the ladies who lunch’.

Mary has been married for too many years to count, and has one son.

She also is a published author of romance novels under a pen name.

Mary welcomes comments on her books at Please visit her website for information on upcoming releases.

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Current Releases

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Waiting For The Crest

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Teacher of Time- Berlin Wall

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Sophie's Calgary Stampede

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Teacher of Time (Theriesenstadt)
9/11 revisited: 26 women, 26 stories       The women who are “Waiting for 9/11” range from the wife of a terrorist, to a flight attendant on one of the planes, to a rescue worker, to a grandmother waiting for h...
Available Now!
Waiting for 9/11

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