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Mary S Palmer

I have published 5 books: MemoraMOBILEia: Alabama Gulf Coast Potpourri The Callings, a collection of poems and short stories; False Gods, fiction, about a corrupt TV evangelist; Quest for Forgiveness, a biography of my coauthor James McEnery; and To Catch a Fish, fiction, about loyalty, interracial relationships and the sanctity of the sea. Musa Publishing has accepted To Catch a Fish (coauthored with David V. Wilton) and it will be released by them April 9, 2012. They also accepted Time Will Tell, a science fiction book which will be released March 6, 2012.

I have a BA in English (cum laude) and an MA in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I have also worked as a photo/journalist and have written a weekly column for newspapers.

I am a native of Mobile, Alabama, but I love to travel and have visited all 50 of the United States and every continent except Antarctica.


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Current Releases
A couple, both reporters, investigate a meteor, controlled by extra-terrestrials, hitting Earth    Marital problems between newspaper reporters Mona and Rob Parker are further complicated when a meteorite controlled by extra terrest...
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Time Was
When aliens try to take over the world—starting with an attempt on the life of the President of the United States—can photo-journalist Mona Stewart Parker prevent the unthinkable from happening? Mona's marriage to Rob appears to be...
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Question of Time
When the storms of life blow, can true love stay afloat? Childhood friends Davey Simpson and Pokey Merrill overcame the lies that kept them apart and are now engaged to be married. Now they’re fighting to stay together and to stay alive....
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Baiting the Hook
  When a fisherman, is accused of murder, Alabama's first black lieutenant governor may give up his career to defend his friend. Davey Simpson, a fisherman, is charged with the murder of a powerful Alabama politician’s son. ...
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To Catch a Fish
  Reporter Mona Stewart finds herself in another world of warring factions and one of them holds the key to immortality and cures for fatal diseases. In the inner space of outer space, an earthling, reporter Mona Stewart, discovers th...
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Time Will Tell

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