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Mary Patricia Stewart Anthony, b. 1937-

Has Been:a) A Flower wild child, single mother of two daughters, married once in error b) An English Teacher in Colombia, Costa Rica, and China. c) A singer-songwriter

Is Now: a) Happily married for 34 years to a Viet Nam Combat vet (How did that happen?)b) A grandmother of seven grandchildren, our wunderkind.c) A published author. See:

Will Be: a) A better trans-generational communicator b) A better wife, mother and grandmother

“Renaissance Souls much prefer variety and combination over focusing all their energies on one thing. They prefer widening options by opening more and more doors, to narrowing choices by specializing and sub-specializing.” (Margaret Lobenstine)

A renaissance woman has too many passions and not enough time to pursue them, and learns by experimentation, a slower process. On a mountain top in Big Sur, while stoking the little Franklin stove in my cabin, my two girls being asleep, and after I had salvaged the hidden stash of M & Ms, I burned my first book of poems, convinced they were just trash. Then years of soul-searching, traveling, teaching English, reading, singing followed. While teaching in China in 2006, I decided to start my memoir, written longhand in a notebook I will never burn.  So, I owe this writing renaissance to myself and to my husband of 34 years, who is my other self.

OK. My age. Late bloomer I am. Because there is now time to really think, and immerse my soul in the quietness of mountain life, poetry began to emerge. What I have learned is soul shattering: I am a poet writing a memoir, a new identity with a new voice, is waiting to be received and be heard.






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