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Maryann Miller, who hails from Winnsboro, Texas, is an award-winning author of books, screenplays and stage plays. The critically-acclaimed Seasons Mystery Series, that includes Open Season and Stalking Season, features two women homicide detectives in Dallas and has been described as "Lethal Weapon" with female leads. The books have received rave reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Library Journal.  

 Miller is the Theatre Director at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts, where she especially likes working with young performers during the annual Youth Drama Camp. When not directing, Miller likes to be onstage and has appeared in numerous productions. She was thrilled to play Martha Brewster in "Arsenic and Old Lace", Mildred in "Squabbles", and Mama Wheelis in "Daddy's Dyin' Whose Got the Will". Her most recent role was Big Mama in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." No, she did not appear on stage in her slip. That was Maggie.

When not working or playing on stage, Miller enjoys her time at "Grandma's Ranch" where she lives with one horse, one goat, one sheep, one dog, and four cats. The cats rule.

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A Note From Maryann Miller

If you have managed to find me and my books on this site that features so many terrific writers, I am pleased. The one thing that is true with every writer I know is that we love to interact with readers, as well as other writers. What we do, putting words on pages, would mean nothing without that connection to another person who can love the story as much as we do.

The one thing that a reader can do to help his or her favorite authors, is to take a moment to rate and review the books at Amazon, Goodreads, and the other sites where folks go looking for another good book to read. With millions and millions of books now available on Amazon alone, it is getting harder and harder for an author to get recognized. There is always the temptation to as James Patterson if he will hawk my book instead of his on one of his TV commercials. But I doubt he would be open to that.

Happy Reading!!

Current Releases
Friendship is a tenuous thing when you are thirteen and everything in your life is changing, especially your best friend. Terrified that she will lose Laura to the influence of Angie who is rich, beautiful, and the most popular girl in school, Debbie...
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Friends Forever
Death sneaks in the back door of the peaceful town of Twin Lakes, Texas and nothing is ever the same again. Homicide detective, Barbara Hobkins, is thrust headlong into the investigation. A product of the ‘new direction’ in law enforce...
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Nineteen-year-old Tracy Clemment, daughter of a prominent and powerful family in Dallas, is killed. When her body is discovered in a seedy motel frequently used by hookers, she is thought to be a prostitute. But the dead girl doesn't look like a ...
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Stalking Season
In March, 1961, Leslie Richards leaves New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, hoping to escape from her past and the ruins of a relationship with Ronald McKutchen.  She chooses Pine Hollow, Arkansas because that is where her grandmother...
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Boxes For Beds
Amid racial tensions and the deadly force controversy sweeping the city of Dallas, Homicide detectives, Sarah Kingsly and Angel Johnson, are unlikely and unwilling partners. The Dallas Review Board wants Sarah's badge because she shot a young ...
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Open Season
Life can change in just an instant. That's the harsh reality that Jenny Jasik faces when her son, Michael, is killed in an automobile accident. She is a single mother with two other children, Scott and Alicia. Ralph, her ex-husband, left her six ...
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One Small Victory
Life as she knows it ceases to exist for Samantha Rutgers when her husband of twenty-plus years decides he no longer loves her. The challenges are myriad. Can she build a life without him? Will her daughter always blame her? Can she ever trust a man ...
Available Now!
Play It Again, Sam

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