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Mathis B. Rogers

Mathis B. Rogers was born in Shamrock, Texas, and was raised all over the Texas Panhandle and South Plains of West Texas.

He began writing when he was thirteen and while working the Night Audit (graveyard shift) for motels, he was able to be very prolific. Mathis enjoys writing and when someone asks him how to write, he replies, "It's just daydreaming and writing it down."
Mathis was the webmaster and long-time member of the Plainview Writers Guild.

Current Releases
Casey Stevenson's lover, Chris Johnson, leaves him for another man after six years, claiming he doesn't "want a long-term relationship". The broken-hearted Casey takes his 1994 Christmas vacation at Crystal City Ski Lodge and R...
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The Mysterious Bed
Brett Webb is a computer specialist for a chain of hospitals. He gets transferred back to his home town, where he stumbles upon his brother, Brent, and his wife Swinging with the Dyers. Will Brett find his true love while Swinging with "The W...
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The Wrong Crowd
Colin's sister, Rebecca, wins the National Gold Medal in solo ice skating and decides to take up figure skating. Colin falls head over heels for her new partner, Chester, but Chester has a chip on his shoulder that Colin might not be able to k...
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Cold As Ice
Marty Shelton, computer system design/technician for a Midwestern computer store, is moonlighting as an exotic dancer, when the club catches fire. Marty's best friend, Mark returns from L.A and as it seems their world is falling apart around t...
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Hot Sensations
Shawn Dennison agrees to be Best Man at his best friend's wedding. He is surprised who the bride turns out to be.
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The Wedding
He bent down to kiss me on the cheek. He slipped his strong right arm around me and pulled me against his massive, hairy chest and kissed me on the lips. Breaking the kiss, but unable to step away from him, not that I really wanted to because his ...
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The House On Willow Creek Lane
A dazzling collection by the newest star in the galaxy of male-male romance and erotica!  ·       Discover what happens when two young men meet in a crowded bar and then spend the "Weekend" f...
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The Birthday Surprise & Other Gay Male Erotica
When Lightning Strikes Two Hearts - Can Love's Thunderstorm Be Far Behind? When Scott Campbell pulls into a Texas motel one dark and rainy afternoon all he is looking for is to get off the road, out of the storm, and a good night's sleep. ...
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