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Hunter Brynwar is a young half-elf ready to take his first step as a Ranger in the twilight world of Aria. To do this, he must gain an animal companion who will serve by his side until death. A test awaits Hunter as a growing darkness threatens to co...
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The Companion
It’s the final confrontation between good and evil as Wynter and Arianna journey to the mystical Heaven’s Gate in a last resort to save the world from destruction. All the cards are on the table as the gods themselves reveal their plan fo...
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Rise of the Dragon
Marriage is an amazing gift, and this is the perfect chance to make it last forever. Tyler is all he ever wanted, and he couldn’t see himself going on in life without him. Connor and Tyler fell in love after meeting on the local rodeo circuit a...
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Jonah Kravec and Kristina Fallon are enemies on opposite sides of the law. When a mission seeks and fails to rescue Jonah, Kristina finds herself hostage in the arms of a strong and handsome rebel leader. As Jonah escapes and takes Kristina with him,...
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Ganymede Rising
Andrew's life in the Marine Corp is thrown into upheaval when he agrees to testify against the mafia—and life under the constant supervision of the FBI is made only moderately better by the compelling, attractive agent babysitting him. A...
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In the Line of Fire
It’s midsummer in Cheyenne and things are heating up due to it being an election year. Kurtis ‘Ricky’ Thornton is running for election for Laramie County Sheriff. The only thing separating him from the others is the fact he’s ...
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The world of Aria is dying. A casualty of a war between good and evil. The war against the Order of Draconis is coming to a close, but without the elves, a victory for good will be short lived. Wynter, the prophesized Great Dragon, and Arianna, Hi...
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A Dragon’s Heart
The world of Aria is dying due to the evil that spreads upon its land. In the elven city of Elraiel, prophecy awakens Wynter to his true calling. Traveling to Eden in possession of the L’atha’anar, the Twilight Stone, he finds the land dy...
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A Cry To Heaven
Wynter’s love for Arianna has grown stronger, and so has the danger. Wynter comes to realize that the Order of Draconis is much larger than he realizes. Hearing a distant and unfamiliar voice, and having stalled the Order’s plans, he find...
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Call Of The Dragon
As Wynter’s love for Arianna grows, so does the danger they both are in. While learning about the mysterious Dragon Pendant, he uncovers the relic known as the Dragon Mask, which is tied to the pendant and the sword Dragon’s Bane, that he...
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An Embrace of Magic
Zach is a nurse struggling to pay the bills as his partner Andy continues to finish his college degree. Even though they have everything they need, Zach wants Andy to have the best Christmas he has ever had. After getting locked out of their car, and...
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A Puppy For Christmas
Late one night, cruising through the streets of New York City, Ren hears a cry for help—in his mind. Investigating the cry, Ren finds an Esper under attack by the very motorcycle gang hunting Ren. Despite the risk, Ren risks everything to save ...
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Raven's Call
Ash loves being a knight, but hates that it leaves him little time for himself—and even less to spend with his forbidden lover, the half-elf Havyn. Finding time to be together is even more difficult under the watchful, hateful eyes of his capta...
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A Question of Honor
Wynter is a half-elven warrior haunted by his past and his love for the beautiful elven priestess Arianna. He must fight through monsters and the red dragon Brimstone while confronting the demons of his past and the mystery of a dragon-inscribed pend...
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Wynter's Rain

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