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Hello fellow smutketeers! I am Maxine Marsh and it appears you've waded into my writing den. I am attracted to themes of marginality, the horrific, the weird, the solitary, and sometimes the violent and gut-wrenching. I love the erotic and the grotesque, and see them as an especially juicy pairing. My erotica has been featured by Noble Romance Publishing, Freaky Fountain Press, Vagabondage Press, Xcite Books, Oysters and Chocolate, Lucy Felthouse, Total E Bound and Cleis Press.

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Wet your toes in this chilling erotic tale of a love triangle created by one man's dying wish. Calla faces an avalanche of grief and confusion when she finds out her husband Owen is dying. Owen’s last wish is that she and his brother...
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Passing the Torch
Robin is a feisty retired car thief who now makes a legitimate living recovering stolen luxury vehicles. She’s looking to impress her newest client, a very wealthy and very powerful Miami executive, until she realises that the man who stole ...
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It Takes A Thief
A headstrong woman unsure of her own desires. A charming playboy with a mind for pleasure who's set on getting her into his newest contraption...Welcome to Fairford. In order to absolve a debt, recently widowed social pariah Tessa Darlingt...
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Dreams and Devices
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Sarah is next in a long line of women charged with preserving a precarious truce. Her township lies on the edge of the Split Forest, a sinister wood where an unknown threat to her people lurks. What it is exactly, no one speaks of, leaving her to ...
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The Truce

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