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Maya Rodale is the author of the Regency-set Negligent Chaperone Series featuring the titles The Heir And The Spare and The Rogue And The Rival. She has a fondness for rakes, rogues and smart, cheeky heroines. Maya lives in New York City with her dog, Penelope. The Heir And The Spare is her first novel. To guide her, Maya decided to write a book she herself would like to read. And so she included all of her favorite elements of a Regency romance—duels, disguises, mistaken identities, gossiping and scheming, house parties, fortune hunters, a hero who isn’t quite perfect at first and a heroine whose relentless optimism is tested and ultimately rewarded. It also features a very negligent chaperone whose mantra is “Other people’s affairs are always more interesting than one’s own, and nothing is as interesting as meddling in them.” Her newest release is THE ROGUE AND THE RIVAL (Nov 4th), features the "evil" twin from her debut novel, the return of the Negligent Chaperone and a heroine who smart, feisty and rewarded with a second chance at love.
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If Lord Phillip were not in pain, he’d consider himself lucky to be in a hospital full of women, albeit nuns. His reputation has preceded him, but as he stays on, his thoughts of novitiate Angela Palmerston grow nobler—as her thoughts of ...
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