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Meg Whitlock has been writing nearly all her life, and she’s glad she finally got over her laziness and wrote the book she’s been dreaming about for years. She graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a BA in Comparative Arts with an Art History specialization and an Ancient History minor…which is a mouthful no matter how you say it. She has four cats (including an invisible one), a car named Babar, and a vivid imagination.

In 2001 her one-act play, “The Shoebox,” was produced by Catawba College in Salisbury, NC and presented at the American College Theatre Festival.

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    She claimed the muggers were demons, but of course Jason didn’t believe her. At first.   When a mysterious woman appears in a dirty alley to rescue Jason Latimer from a pair of muggers, he tries to write he...
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The Dark Man's Son

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