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Hello. My name is Megan and I write short erotic menage novels for the adult audience. I do not hold back words, I do not shortchange anything. I give as naughty as it can get. 

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Alpha for a Pack is a position of extreme responsibility. Not only as an example to the younger set but to all those under his protection. It wasn’t something he’d ever wanted to do alone but when circumstances make it unavoidable, Pat...
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Beyond The Borders - The Wolves Den Chronicles 4
One doesn’t need to face family as soon as she crawls out of bed after many fun filled hours of mindless and pleasurable sex. Unfortunately Abigail’s kin hadn’t gotten that particular memo and shown up en masse to meet the new in...
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Drawing The Line - The Wolves Den Chronicles 5
The Reglashien. A Gods sanctioned meeting for all of the supernatural community, safe, secure and the only time to find ones mate or mates. Every time it’s held, those without a mate hope and pray that it will be their turn. Having to wait 2...
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A Brush of Her Skin - The Reglashien, Book 1
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She knew not everyone would be happy she’d mated to her Wolves. But she never expected anyone to go as far as this. The fight to figure out who is behind such a brutal betrayal will test everyone of them. It will strain their fragile new rel...
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In The Wind - The Wolves Den Chronicles 3
Finding her mates was one of the highpoints of her night, immediately under the mind blowing sex they had that got the ball rolling. Waking up the morning after Reni finds herself sandwiched between two of the sexiest Wolves on the planet. And the...
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As The Sun Rises - The Wolves Den Chronicles 2
The Wolves Den is a rough and tumble bar located on the outskirts of a small Oklahoma town. The Wolves Den caters to all walks of life, from humans to vampires and everything in between. Reni Fawn is not your average everyday Fairy. Reni is i...
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By The Light of the Moon
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