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Melinda Hazen

I'm a contemporary romance (new adult) author. My first novel is A Brush With Fame. The idea of someone famous wanting me was the inspiration behind my novel. If it wasn't going to happen in real life then it certainly was going to happen in my novel!


Writing is enjoyable for me because I can make up anything I want while getting lost in my characters. I enjoy writing and reading about beta males (the nice guy who is anything but boring)—heroes who are worthy of the heroine's love. I prefer stories where the conflicts come from external elements rather than conflicts between the hero and heroine. If their love has a strong foundation, they should be able to face any problem they encounter.


I apply to my own writing what an agent warned us about at a writer's meeting: do not waste the reader's time with unnecessary conflicts, which could be resolved on the next page. And I love a lot of dialogue and playfullness betwee my characters so the reader can see why they fell in love and will root for them to live happily every after.

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