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Overwhelmed with the pressure of being an emergency room doctor and distraught over a bad day, Chloe Daniels summons a demon to punish her for the loss of life at her hands. She expects a grotesque and evil being. What she gets is a hot blooded, s...
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Embracing Her Demon
Real Elves Don’t Make Cookies If there is one thing Gwendolyn Fox hates more than sunlight and stakes, it’s elves. There’s a good reason why vampires and elves avoid one another, and it’s because they don’t mix w...
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Beauregard Channinghas devoted the past four hundred years to tracking down items that, if put in the wrong hands, have the ability to cause destruction and damage to innocent lives.Though sworn to defend mortals, Beau feels removed and detached from...
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Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind
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