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Melissa Lowes has a B.A. in Literature, and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her short fiction has appeared in Skive Magazine, Green Silk Journal, Orchard Press Mysteries, and Literary House Review. She has also published critical essays on Charlotte Bronte and Dostoyevsky. She lives in the San Diego area with her husband and son, where she enjoys a variety of sports. His Mistake is her first novella.


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Set amidst the dramatic landscape of both France and Germany during World War I, His First Mistake traces the intersection of disparate lives during war.   Newlyweds Frances and Reginald retreat to the French countryside at the outbre...
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His First Mistake
His Mistake depicts the life of a young woman and the astounding choices she is forced to make in the face of war. While in Paris, newlyweds Frances and Reginald learn that Germany has invaded France at the outbreak of the Great War. They retreat ...
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His Histake

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