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Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to browse my books! My name is Melissa and I'm a 43 year old mother and college student. Still don't know what I want to major in, it changes every day. The good thing about my mind changing every day is that I'm always thinking: what if. And what if usually leads to a new idea for a book. Contact me at or on facebook at Thanks and I hope you enjoy my books. If you do don't hesitate to let me know! I appreciate any and all feedback!

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All he has to do to spend another night with her, is kill... She's a bad girl who does whatever she wants. But when tragic circumstances happen in the charmed life of Detective Melanie "Lani" Vaden, she realizes that not everything i...
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I miss The Life, and by the life I mean being Mistress Burn. After years of being vanilla, of raising my kids, I need some me time. I need a submissive to practice on, so where do I go? Online, of course. I don't expect to get a response so quick...
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Our Kinky Secret
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Heather wanted to be a normal college girl. She wanted to fit in. She wanted a normal relationship with a normal guy. That normal guy just happened to be Professor Brian Calamari. While working as her alter ego, Violet, she was handed the chance she...
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Promise To Love
As DC's highest paid and most sought after Dominatrix she's known as Mistress Lily. But at home she's a single mother named Summer. She thinks she's happy being single until two quite different men come into her life. She's attr...
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Mistress Lily
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Camille Reed is a single mother to a beautiful teen-aged daughter. She has a dead end job, no education, and no hope that her life will ever get better... until she buys two lottery tickets in her small town in West Virginia. And she wins more money ...
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The Winner

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The Executioner: A Love Story

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