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Melisse Aires

Take a shy, chubby, Catholic school girl bookworm from Montana. Hand her a stack of her much older brother’s sci fi and fantasy novels, James Bond books and horror comics. Later, introduce Barbara Cartland and the world of romance fiction. In college, turn her boy, party and rock n roll crazy.

Get her a job or two in authentic, one room Montana schools, ala Laura Ingels Wilder.

Marry her off to a great guy, move her to a big city in Tornado Alley, then pop three daughters out of her in twenty two months(one set of identical twins).

By middle school the daughters should only agree on a few points – alternative rock music, the beauty of black nail polish, their absolute blindness to dirt, and the need for more money. Become a marching band mom and learn what a flugelhorn is, and how much it costs.

Then, make her a jinx–every great genre TV show she loves gets the ax– Beauty and the Beast, Dark Angel–and Buffy and Spike NEVER have a happy ending! She gets upset about no romance in the world, and fires up to write her own stories with happy endings.

Throw this all together into a small house in Wyoming, along with a large dog and too many cats, shake constantly and pour it out onto a computer keyboard.

There! You have me, Melisse Aires.

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Del Fantasma: Demonade releases on Oct 1. Check out the page on my blog for fun chats and chances to win!
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Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice

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